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Forging Connections

14b. Algae Powders

Naturally pigmented dried algae.
2020. On loan from Elliot Roth.

I also brought along some algae ingredients with me to HI-SEAS. These algae powders could be combined in a number of different ways to provide nutrition and I even grew some myself on simulated urine in the habitat. 

We had a bit of an issue with elevated CO2 levels and so by growing algae it seemed to help drop the stuffiness in the habitat to make it a bit safer. The algae colors were also wonderful to cook and play with. Having the ability to be creative was so important while being cramped in the habitat where the only escape was your mind. It was lovely to be able to play with these new materials to truly explore how we might create new culture on other planets.

- Elliot Roth

Forging Connections