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The Cosmic Pull

6. Astronaut Necklace

Stirling silver, moldavite, and gold enamel.
2021. On loan from Marilu Horton.

My name is Maria and I have been interested in space since I was a little girl. I am 37 years old and though I haven’t made a career in space yet, I have never lost the curiosity, passion, and wonderment of it.

I attended my first space conference in June of 2021 on the anniversary of the Apollo 14 moon landing. For my trip, I bought this little astronaut I had been eyeing for a couple of years but never took the leap until then. I bought him from the Space Collective website. He is made of stirling silver and contains a genuine museum-grade piece of moldavite which sits in his spacesuit in the belly area. The astronaut’s helmet visor is gold enamel just like the Apollo astronauts! My little astronaut came with a card of authenticity for the moldavite tektite which has its own interesting story.

Tektites are unique, rare terrestrial glass formed by meteorite impacts and have been found only in four sites worldwide. Moldavite tektites come from the Nördlinger Ries crater in southern Germany, the Czech Republic, and parts of Austria and were formed 14.8 million years ago. Apollo 14 astronauts trained here in 1970.

The Cosmic Pull