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11. Fieldwork lanyards

2021-2023. Acquired by Adryon Kozel during fieldwork.

It’s true, what they say before you start your fieldwork—you don’t know where you’ll end up. You either discover the alive core of your work in the first week in the field, or you wander out of it a year later galaxies from where you started and what you thought you’d be doing.

These lanyards, and other pieces in the collection such as #12 and #30, are glimpses of where my meandering journey in the fieldwork has taken me. On my first field visit to the Florida’s Space Coast in Sept 2021, for the all-civilian Inspiration-4 mission, I bought a season ticket to NASA’s amusement park-like Kennedy Space Center. I visited the Cape two more times over the next year, for other launches and for Yuri’s Night, an annual space party, so this pass saw some use.

In Nov 2021, I was interviewed for a Star Trek documentary and with absolutely no warning found myself speaking in front of a huge audience at a convention! It was an incredible experience that I could not have predicted.

Finally, I have my two badges for volunteering at the Analog Astronaut Conference in 2022 and 2023. It is incredibly important to me, and rewarding, to find ways to give back to the communities who invited me into their spaces as an anthropologist.

Forging Connections