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24. Fleet Journal Vol. 1 

Sept 2018 - Dec 16, 2019. On loan from Julia Bergson.

This journal began life as a regular composition notebook, and became my first journal when I started tracking the SpaceX fleet in Port Canaveral, Florida. Now, I’m on my third journal. Being a launch photographer isn’t my regular job, I have a day job and I do this on the side. These journals show all the days and nights I’ve put into this as a hobby and passion—waiting at the port at all hours with my camera to record in precise detail the movements of the SpaceX ships as they collect Falcon 9 boosters, Dragon cargo capsules, and now Dragon crew capsules, and astronauts, who have come from the ISS. 
I also photograph the launches from Kennedy Space Center, but the fleet itself is particularly meaningful to me. Over time, I’ve become good friends with people who work on the ships. These journals are really intimate, I made them for myself really, as an act of almost loving care and devotion. I consider myself a chronicler. I think it’s important to track a component of spaceflight and the ISS project that people pay less attention to in a way, not always the rockets itself but the more mundane side of things—the ships and people who crew them that provide essential infrastructure for retrieving pieces and astronauts from the waters off the coast of Florida.

Forging Connections