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Forging Connections

13. Mars Flag

2020. On loan from Elliot Roth.

One of the gifts I was given by Paul, one of my crewmates, was a Martian flag. Growing up on science fiction, one of my favorite stories to read with my Dad was the Mars trilogy by Kim Stanley Robinson. It was one of the first book series where I felt like we could turn science fiction into science fact. 

Seeing the blue, green and red of the Martian flag helped me believe that we have the full ability to achieve great things and transform the world for the better. Being a Venusian [someone who advocates for the exploration of Venus], this belief was confirmed after hearing news that phosphine was found in the Venusian atmosphere while we were in the cab and I ran around cheering shouting "I told you so!" to everyone. Venus > Mars but I still deeply appreciate the Martian flag.

Forging Connections